Stepping outside our comfort zone – one-way ticket to Sri Lanka

This is a “how and why” and “decision making” and “stepping out of comfort zone” type of post. You won’t find a lot of practical information in it, like where to buy the best toilet paper in Sri Lanka. Maybe I’ll have to cover that later.

We are true travellers in our heart but – believe it or not – having sold our house, our car and a lot of our stuff to set off for an open-end travel on the other side of the globe is a tiny bit out of our comfort zone.

In this short post I’ll try to give you the answer to the most common question we get lately: “YOU’RE DOING WHAT?! WHY?!”

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How and why

It was a tough decision, but a quick one. We got stuck in our life and couldn’t really figure out what’s wrong. We knew what we wanted in life, but didn’t get there eventually. It became extremely frustrating.

We’ve been contemplating a lot about travelling the world with our kids in the future. After we have reached some kind of financial stability. In the last few years we made a lot of plans like “10 years from now we’ll travel here, 15 years from now we’ll move there… “. Until recently we realized it’s not going to work for us. Might work for other people, but not for us.

Somehow we don’t reach the financial stability we were planning with. Or have we reached it already? Will we ever think we have reached it?

After a few years of contemplating and planning for a very distant future we made this decision in about a week. We just have to buy a one-way ticket to the other side of the world as soon as possible. We’ll sell the house, sell our car and most of our belongings and just go and try it, let’s see what it brings. We’ll be definitely stepping out of our comfort zone.

Our background

We both love to travel. From a very young age, this is what moves us, what motivates us.

Before our children were born we had day jobs, but travelled a lot. We’ve been to some really remote places and seen some of the rarest animal species on Earth. Well, that probably goes for plants too, only we don’t know about it. But there’s still a lot to see and we are just wasting time. We’ve seen some breathtaking natural habitats and species, different cultures, practices, crafts that can potentially disappear in the next 15 years.

Arunachal Pradesh, the most north-eastern part of India, 2008. Photo @ András Vasas

We knew that we wanted to show our kids the world, but for some reasons we thought this can only happen when they are “old enough”, whatever that means. On the other hand our other illusion was that we can only afford to travel that much again… you guessed it… 15-20 years from now.

Suddenly it just didn’t make any sense any more. Nobody knows what is going to happen in the next 20 years.

We are location independent already, my husband quit his day job 4 years ago, I knew in the beginning that once I have children I can not and will not continue with the jobs I had before in the tourism industry. These were awesome jobs by the way, I loved that kind of lifestyle and that I was exploring the world through these jobs even when I wasn’t travelling, read a bit more about it here.

What to do next?

So we have decided to take a deep breath, sell our house, sell the car and most of our stuff and give it a test.

It turned out to be a bit too much actually. We just wanted to travel. Now this is a different game and that’s why I call it stepping outside our comfort zone.

We’ve been living with a lot of financial and other uncertainties in the past 4 years and we found ourselves paralysed by it. Our thoughts, our will power, everything. We need to seriously break down some barriers to be able to lead a life we are aiming for. And this is where the comfort zone thing comes to the spotlight. What could cure our fear of uncertainties better than even more uncertainties?

But is this really what we need?

Our little organic garden back home in Hungary. Photo © András Vasas

In the last few years we got a lot of questions about our 5-year plan. Honestly I always found these kind of questions absurd and I always had to disappoint people by answering “We don’t have such a thing.”

For me, personally the idea has always been kind of ridiculous. I can have goals for the next 5 years, but a fixed plan? No, that’s just not livable today in my opinion. But somehow the questions were coming constantly, like if people would have to ask this question, no matter what. I’m not quite sure that the majority of the people asking about someone’s 5-year plan do have such a plan themselves.

Recently I’ve come over something interesting. I saw an interview with Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur and author of the bestseller, the 4-Hour Workweek, he was asked about his 5-year plan. He said he doesn’t think in 5- or 10-year plans, he thinks in 2-week experiments and 6-months projects. And while watching the video I was thinking 1. wow, the man is a genius! and 2. how can I be so late to the party? the book has been around for 10 years?!

I have decided to give it a go, and it works for me beautifully.

So here’s our project for the next 6 months, let’s step out of our comfort zone, buy a one-way ticket and start an open-end travel. We’ll head to Sri Lanka first, stay as long as possible and then… who knows? We might be exploring different countries in the region and live a kind of digital nomad life. Actually we might just as well run home crying after 6 months.

Follow us along the way

We want to show the kids some really fantastic things in our world until we can. Show them the everyday luxury of spending quality time together and not being limited by location.

First time at the airport. Budapest, November 2017. Photo © Szilvia Molnár

We want to exchange our objects with adventures and explorations. To own less and experience more. We still have to work on this one though, as we are travelling with a TON of stuff at the moment!

We are going to be digital nomads for a while, but travelling really slowly. This fits our children’s needs best. Who knows, maybe we are stepping into our comfort zone and not out of it? Follow us to find out what happens!

Do you have a similar story? Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch on social media.

Update April 4, 2018

By the time I’m finishing this post (yes, it took me 8 months to launch this blog… please, don’t ask!) we are nearing the end of our 6-months stay in Sri Lanka. It was interesting but a few things didn’t turn out as planned and it wasn’t the relaxed stay we were hoping for, mainly because we were still stressing about this whole “let’s sell our things, pack the kids and move to the other side of the globe” thing. We just couldn’t believe that we really did it and in the meantime were a bit shocked and stressed about our future. It’s getting better but I guess this is something you really have to get used to. Thinking about this as a 6-month project helped a lot.

The kids can never get enough of tuk-tuk rides. Weligama, Sri Lanka, 2017. Photo © Szilvia Molnár

We decided to go on and explore even more, our next two stops will be Malaysia and Indonesia very soon! Follow us on social media to see recent updates about where we are and what we do.

See you there!

Szilvia x


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