This is where you can get a quick description about who we are and what we do. In other words this is the page you see first upon arriving to our website and wondering "Exploration Lounge... what on earth is that?!... how did I get here at all?!"

The Brief Description

The Exploration Lounge is a virtual lounge for real people. For travellers, families... travelling families, freethinkers, nature lovers, yogis, design fans, coffee addicts, vegetarians... carnivores... I could go on and on with this, so I'll just stop now. This is a travel blog for a wide variety of readers sharing the same passion - exploration.

The Team...

... making Exploration Lounge the awesome place it is... is a small, nice and probably crazy hungarian family currently on an open end travel in South Asia. We are Szilvia, András and the children, Karsa and Hanga. We took a deep breath, hyperventilated for a while, then took another deep breath and sold our house, our car, a lot of our stuff and bought 4 one-way tickets to Sri Lanka. Wait, if I tell you here already who we are, who's going to read our About page? You know what you have to do...

The Lengthy Description

Wheather it means exploring the jungles in a tropical country, or just desperately looking for the best quality coffee to survive the time you have to spend separated from your favourite coffee shop at home, it's all about exploration. Are you toying with the idea of carrying your baby tied to your body in a piece of hand-woven textile? Maybe you just want to read about other people's journeys. These are all explorations. Living together 24/7 with your children is a huge exploration... even if it is sometimes on the dark side...

The main topics will be travelling, parenting, lifestyle. Read about travelling with or without children, attachment parenting, babywearing, gourmet food and drinks, yoga, boutique hotels and a lot more of which I'm obsessed with. Just have enough patience for all these posts to get published.

"Do you think she's ready with that post?" Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2018. Photo © Szilvia Molnár

"Do you think she's ready with that post?" Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2018. Photo © Szilvia Molnár

An other main topic will be birdwatching. Because of two things. First, because we are birders - even if on a much slower scale at the moment - and we love it. By the way, birdwatching, did you know such a hobby exists and that mentally healthy people spend fortunes on travelling the world with the sole purpose of seeing the bird species in a different country? My family didn't when I started birding... but hey, it was an exploration for them too. This is the second reason. To spread the word about the birding world... I'll stop playing with words I swear.

Why us?

Why would you spend your hard-earned self-time here on Exploration Lounge? For fun, of course. Maybe you have travel plans and need some useful information. Or maybe you really enjoy reading about other people's journeys. But mainly for fun.

How to use this website

  • with a lot of patience, we are just starting

  • if you want to read about who we are, check the About us page

  • contact informations are on the Contact page

  • on the Blog page you'll find all of the posts in a reverse chronological row

  • for searching on the site use the search icon and just about any word that comes to your mind... maybe you'll have luck

  • try and don't take me too seriously

  • you are welcome to comment on the posts, like and share the website on social media

What else?

I'm pretty sure you have been bored with this before, but I have to tell you that our pages and posts may contain affiliate links and advertisements... read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Get social

If you would like to share your experiences, maybe some useful information about a topic you found here, or if you'd like to say hi, do get in touch with us. We welcome all kinds of positive remarks to help us build an awesome family travel blog. How to do this?... Contact page!

Have fun and enjoy the Exploration Lounge!

Szilvia x