At the moment, we are open for collaborations, freelance, and contract work.

We are proud to have extensive experience in both the tourism sector and nature conservation. We have 10+ years of professional experience in:

  • organising and guiding ornithological and nature exploration tours (me)

  • GIS (Geographic Information System), digital photography and editing (András)

We can provide you with EXCELLENT SERVICE in the following fields:

  • copywriting

  • content creation and marketing

  • travel, lifestyle, street and nature photography, photo editing

  • featuring your service/property on our website and social channels in the form of a blog post, a review or an interview

We will happily provide some AD SPACE in the sidebar of our website for appropriate ads that relate to the site's look and content.

The MAIN FIELDS in which we can write copy and create content are:

  • nature

  • nature conservation and environmental protection

  • tourism and travel

  • sustainable travel and living

  • gastronomy

  • ornithology and birdwatching

  • photography

  • heritage conservation, preserving traditional arts and crafts

  • parenting

This is just a slice of the cake, so if you need copy/content on a topic that is not listed here, let's talk about it!

For pricing and details, CONTACT US at

Companies we have worked for:



We are looking forward to new exciting opportunities and to hearing from you soon!

Until that time, feel free to discover more of our website, who we are, and some of our recent experiences and explorations.

Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest news and photos!

Brand new: Andras Vasas Illustrations - Art for nature conservation

Nature and bird illustrations, high-end digital watercolour, can be commissioned at or ready to purchase on Etsy and on Fine Art America. Check out the dedicated artist page here.

Szilvia x